21st January 2024

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How to get there


You can contact the Candelo Show secretary Gerry Gill at:

 Phone:  (02) 6493 2944
 Post:  PO Box 4100, CANDELO NSW 2550
 Email  gerry-gill1@hotmail.com

Candelo AH & DF Association Inc Executive

Find Candelo Showground on the map, or fill in the following form to email us:

 President:  David Heffernan  Ph: 6493 2108
 Senior Vice President:  Rod Fish  Ph: 6493 2895
 Treasurer:  Michael Heffernan  Ph: 6493 2172
 Entry Secretary:  Sharon Heffernan  Ph: 6493 2172
 Secretary:  Gerry Gill  Ph: 6493 2944

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